Books + Publications


The Year of the Monster (Unsolicited Press 2022)

Blood Histories (Galileo Press 2021)

They More Than Burned (ELJ Editions 2023)


“Drive,” trampset (June 2022)

“One More Inch of Shadow,” Hobart (January 2022)

“Ornithology for Girls,” Fractured Lit (June 2021)

“A Lesson on Endings,” Porcupine Literary

“17,” Maudlin House (April 2021)

Flashover,” Still: The Journal (March 2021)

Folding Elephants in Boiling Springs, PA,Twin Pies Literary (February 2021)

“There Are No Secrets in the Constellations,” Malarkey Books

Seven Bodies I Didn’t Leave Behind,” Hobart After Dark (HAD)

Man with a Knife,” Writers Resist

The Most Beautiful Shapes No One Has Ever Seen,” Vox Viola

Armistice,” Monkeybicycle

The Year of the Monster,” PRISM International

It Never Gets Dark,” Jellyfish Review

“Blood Histories,Bending Genres

the body looks like a horizon,” the tiny journal

Inciting Moment,” The Rupture

“God and Laundry,” r.kv.r.y. quarterly literary journal

“Deleted Scenes (3 of 78),” Fiction International

“Reciprocal Functions: Reprise,” New Urge Press

“Life Zero,” Red Rock Review

“General and the Tornado,” Columbia College Literary Review

“After the Almost End of the World,” Fiction International

“Reciprocal Functions,” Black Scat Books

Nonfiction + Essays

2001,” Pithead Chapel (March 2021)

“Undertow,” X-R-A-Y Literary Magazine

“When an Alcoholic Falls from the Sky,” The McNeese Review

Punchline,” jmww (January 2021)

“The Mother Must Die and Other Lies Fairy Tales Told Me,” Fairy Tale Review (2021)

Not for Syndication,” cream city review

Backstory,” Burningword Literary Journal

Poetry + Indeterminate

Self-Portrait for the Late Édouard Levé,” Gone Lawn

circles and spheres and other well-rounded objectsPithead Chapel

Aloneness is a City,” Oulipo Pornobongo: An Anthology

Articles + Reviews

“A Socio-Spiritual Experience: Review of Time is the Longest Distance by Larry FondationAmerican Book Review

“Here Lies Memory: A Pittsburgh Novel by Doug Rice,” American Book Review

Review of Harold Jaffe’s Induced Coma: 50 and 100 Word Stories,” Chicago Review

“Interview: Harold Jaffe’s Goosestep,” New Orleans Review

Revolutionary Brain: Essays and Quasi Essays by Harold Jaffe,” Texas Review

Inescapable Depravity: Martyrs and Holymen by Larry Fondation,” American Book Review

Academic Publications

“YAL and Otherness: Empathy as a Rhetorical Tool,” Young Adult Literature in the Composition Classroom: Essays on Practical Application
(McFarland Press, 2018)


Revival (feature)

Awards and Nominations

Wigleaf Top 50 2022 – Selecting Editor, Kathy Fish

2021 Pushcart Prize nomination, “A Lesson on Endings” (Porcupine Literary)

2021 Pushcart Prize nomination, “The Mother Must Die and Other Lies Fairy Tales Told Me” (Fairy Tale Review)

2021 Pushcart Prize nomination, “Undertow” (Galileo Press)

2021 Pushcart Prize nomination, “Seven Bodies I Didn’t Leave Behind” (Galileo Press)

2021 Pushcart Prize nomination, “Self-Portrait for Édouard Levé” (Galileo Press)

2021 Pushcart Prize nomination, “Circles and Spheres and Other Well-Rounded Objects” (Galileo Press)

2021 Pushcart Prize nomination, “Blood Histories” (Galileo Press)

2021 Pushcart Prize nomination, “The Most Beautiful Shapes No One Has Ever Seen,” (Galileo Press)

2021 Best of the Net nomination, “Undertow”

2021 Best of the Net nomination, “A Lesson on Endings”

2021 Best Small Fictions, “Ornothology for Girls”

2021 Best Small Fictions, “Flashover”

Wigleaf Top 50 2021 Selection, “Seven Bodies I Didn’t Leave Behind”

Fractured Lit Ghosts, Fables, and Fairy Tales Contest, finalist, “Ornithology for Girls”

2020 Best of the Net, nominee, Pithead Chapel, “circles and spheres and other well-rounded objects”

Split/Lip 2020 Chapbook Contest, runner-up, Blood Histories

Mythic Picnic video entry finalist, 2020, “30 seconds of Tape”

The Cupboard Pamphlet 2019 Chapbook Contest, Honorable Mention, Not for Syndication

C&R Press 2019 Winter Soup Chapbook Contest, finalist, Not for Syndication

Bull City Press 2019 Chapbook Series finalist, Not for Syndication

2013 Pushcart Prize nomination, “After the Almost end of the World”

Glimmer Train Fiction Open finalist 2011, “Life Zero”

AWP Intro Journal Award, nominee, “Life Zero”

Glimmer Train Award for New Writers, 3rd Place winner,”General and the Tornado”

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